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  • Artist Of the Week: Liz Clements

      No doubt while you’ve been scouring the interweb late at night, sifting through the cat videos and thinspiration pics on sites like tumblr and pintrest, you’ve come across this weeks featured artist, Liz Clements. Based in sunny old London, Liz, with her soft pencil tattooed babes, has created a style of her own that [...]

  • Artist of the Week: Mayonaize

    This week we feature the wild hand brushed styles of Caleb Walmsley, otherwise known as Mayonaize.  Caleb is the definition of an all round artist, tattooing out of Tattoo Magic in Melbourne, painting graffiti all over the place and all the while laying down his crazy lettering on any canvas possible. If you missed the [...]

  • Artist Of The Week: Tony Graystone

      This week we bring you the incredible work by Tony Greystone a.k.a ┬áSneaky Studios. His love for geometry and the cosmos, along with his attention to detail have earned Tony a reputation, allowing him to work with bands such as the Architects. I can’t wait to see what else this amazing artist produces in [...]

  • Artist of the Week: Annie Frenzel

    Our artist of the week is Berlin tattooer, Annie Frenzel. All her work’s amazing, but I’ve been especially vibing on her roses, they’re next level!   Check out more of Annie’s work on Instagram here.