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  • Artist Of The Week: Cameron Gardner

      Photographers always look like they lead very interesting lives. Whether it be photographing half naked girls, cruising up the coast in an old combie chasing waves, exploring abandoned warehouses for new skate spots or trekking into the deep unknown with camera in hand. And this weeks AOTW, Cameron Gardner is no exception. This dude [...]

  • Artist of the Week: Ben Rorke

    This time round our artist of the week is Brisbane tattooer Ben Rorke. Having had a trad piece drilled into me by Ben before I figured he’d be the perfect local artist to showcase. Check out his bold traditional tattoos below, 10 points if you guess which one’s mine.   Check out more of Ben’s [...]

  • Artist Of The Week: Stay Bold

    If you’re into the heavy music scene, chances are you’ve seen the work of this weeks AOTW,┬áMilan Chagoury a.k.a Stay Bold. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Stay Bold has been making a name for himself over recent years. Working with bands from the Architects to Bring Me The Horizon to Northlane and The Amity Affliction. [...]

  • Artist of the Week: Norm Willrise

    Good script isn’t just about printing a font off the internet and heading down to the nearest tattoo studio (despite what my 18 year old self may have thought). It truly is an artform involving style and originality, with Norm from Willrise Tattoo at the helm. Having tattooed the likes of Mac Miller and our [...]