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  • Artist Of The Week: Benny Crooks

      This week we bring you the dark and psychedelic influenced illustrations from Melbourne based illustrator, Benny Crooks. I am a big fan of this guys work and always keen to see what he can conjure up. You can check out more of Benny’s work on his Instagram or tumblr.        

  • Artist of the Week: W.T. Norbert

    Out of everyone out there, no one has contributed to my tattoo envy levels more than W.T. Norbert. The European phenomenon now calls Hunter & Fox in Sydney home, and the huge pieces he’s busting out this year are ridiculously good. The only criticism is that none of these are on me.

  • Artist Of the Week: Liz Clements

      No doubt while you’ve been scouring the interweb late at night, sifting through the cat videos and thinspiration pics on sites like tumblr and pintrest, you’ve come across this weeks featured artist, Liz Clements. Based in sunny old London, Liz, with her soft pencil tattooed babes, has created a style of her own that [...]

  • Artist of the Week: Mayonaize

    This week we feature the wild hand brushed styles of Mayonaize.  Mayo is the definition of an all round artist, tattooing out of a prominent studio in Melbourne, painting graffiti all over the place and all the while laying down his crazy lettering on any canvas possible. If you missed the rad vid New Era [...]